Your big day is approaching and you are leaving no stone unturned to follow the best-ever beauty regime to prepare your skin for the D-day, right? Dear brides-to-be, this certainly is the right way to go, but this still does not safeguard you from ruining your bridal day look unless you take care of the common makeup blunders that most brides make on or before their wedding day.

Our professional makeup artist Aarti Makker reveals them all for our pretty brides-to-be. So, read on:

1. Going in for the trial without any prior research

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Agreed, it’s the makeup artist’s job to get you acquainted with all the latest hair and makeup related trends, but you too need to do some homework before you go in for a trial. A lot of brides come up with a certain hairdo or makeup look in mind, but they are never able to convey it clearly and hence, the result doesn’t come out as desired. So, better take relevant pictures along as it will give the makeup artist a clearer picture of what you are looking for. Another blunder that makeup artist Aarti Makker observed was, the brides-to-be usually make is of not bringing even a picture of their bridal outfit and jewellery. Ladies, it is important as by looking at the colour of your outfit and jewellery, your makeup artist will be able to figure out the shades that they have to use on your face.

2. Experimenting with the makeup products/their looks

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A lot of brides fall for the temptation of trying out new products or a new beauty trend to look different at their wedding. Well, it is your big day and you sure deserve nothing but the best. However, your quest for keeping up with the latest trends should not end up in something disastrous. So, professional makeup artist Aarti Makker suggests that the brides should keep it real. Go for the hues that are as close as possible to your complexion and avoid experimenting with your bangs.

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Not moisturizing the face before applying makeup

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This is the biggest blunder that a bride can commit to ruin her wedding day look. All your time and money invested on getting the perfect makeup look will go in vain if your skin would not be hydrated enough. The dry and flaky skin will not set the base right and feeding it with a lot of moisturiser at the last moment won’t serve the purpose. So, make sure you are following a strict skin care regime, especially a week before the D-day. Apply a rich moisturiser every day and never go to bed before pampering your skin with a good quality night oil or cream.  

4. Going OTT with the foundation  

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Many a time, the brides tend to force their makeup artist to use the lighter shade of foundation than their actual complexion. Ladies, the key to look good is to stay natural. Your skin will look flawless only when the base of your makeup will be set right. So, pick the shade that goes with your complexion and don’t go overboard with the quantity either.

5. Applying too much blush

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In order to attain that rosy glow on their face, some brides persuade their makeup artists to give them that stained look. Let’s be honest ladies, it doesn’t look good unless it’s blended well. So go for the shade that is not too dark and let it be merged well.

6. Applying highlighter on the wrong part of the face

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The purpose of the highlighter is to enhance your looks and make your face glow. But if the placement of the highlighter is not correct, the entire idea behind using it kind of fails. Make sure your makeup artist is applying it at the right areas, i.e., above the cheekbones, over the nasal bridge and in the inner corner of your eyes.

7. Missing out on body makeup

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There are a lot of professional makeup artists that tend to ignore this part and so do the brides. So to wear that plunging neckline or that backless with full élan, make sure your décolletage and your back have had some makeup too. Not to miss, the waist and the sleeves!

8. Going in for too dramatic eyebrows

professional makeup artistThis is one of the most important parts of your face that needs special attention when your bridal makeup is being done. Don’t try to enhance the volume too much by using kohl. This gives an unnatural look making you look like a different person altogether. Also, make sure to tell your makeup artist to follow the natural shape as your wedding is certainly not the recommended time to experiment with your brows.

9. Not exfoliating lips

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No matter how creamy and moisturising of your lipstick is, it cannot hide the dryness and flakiness on your lips. So before your makeup artist starts working with their brushes on your face, rub your gently lips with a toothbrush to rub off the dead skin. Also, don’t forget to apply a rich moisturising lip balm for a smooth texture.

10. Not blending the lip liner right

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The wedding is a long affair and after a while, the lipstick fades away while the outline remains as it is, hence giving you a very unappealing appearance. This happens when the lip liner and the lipstick are not blended well. To avoid this, an outline should be created first followed by the final touch be given by the lipstick.

Your wedding is a one-time affair and you would definitely not want your makeup to ruin it for you. Be careful about these  bridal beauty blunders and try to avoid them.

About the author:  Professional makeup artist Aarti Makker, Founder, Let’s Makeup, is a leading bridal makeup expert with a profound experience of over a decade. Her forte lies in enhancing a woman’s look. She is based out of Delhi and provides her services all across the globe. You can get in touch with her at

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