Winter weddings are real fun and absolutely charming. There is a magical aura all over the place, your makeup doesn’t wear out and the heavy clothes do not make you feel uncomfortable at all. While there are numerous reasons that make the winter season one of the most favourable times of the year to get married in, there is one big issue that mainly concerns the brides, i.e., the dry and flaky skin. The dehydrated skin looks dull and achieving perfection in bridal makeup also becomes a tedious task.
Well, if you are a winter bride who’s worried about the same thing, fret not girl! Renowned bridal makeup artist Pooja Sethi, Founder Amber Unisex Salon, shares her expertise and gives out some fab makeup tips for all the winter brides to achieve a flawless look at the wedding day. So, read on!

Prepping The Skin For The D-Day

Winter brides, Winter brides makeup tips, Winter brides skin care
While various makeup tricks are there to assure your face looks unblemished at the wedding day, here are certain things you need to do beforehand to prepare your skin for that:
– Moisturise your skin regularly and don’t go to bed before cleansing and moisturising your face.
– Exfoliate and scrub once a week.
– Avoid overheating your room as it will end up taking away the moisture off your skin.
– It is quite tempting to sit out in open whenever there’s a sunny day on a wintery morning. But before you step out, make sure you shield your skin with a good quality sunscreen.
– Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that have high water content to keep your skin naturally hydrated.

Makeup Tips For Winter Brides

Now that you have a regime to prepare your skin for wedding, here are a few makeup tips for the D-day!

1. Creamy Base

Winter brides, Winter brides makeup tips, Winter brides skin care
It is of utmost importance to achieve the base right. And since the skin tends to get dry in winter season, it is recommended not to use powder-based products. Instead, use a cream-based foundation and primer that will give your skin the much-needed nourishment and a supple base. You can even mix essential oils like argan oil or rosemary oil in your foundation to get a smoother finish.

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2. Lightweight Blush

Winter brides, Winter brides makeup tips, Winter brides skin care
Since most of your makeup products are going to be cream-based, you need to opt for a few products that are slightly on the lighter side. So pick mousse blush instead of cream blush and preferably pick nude shades for a fresh and dewy look.   

3. Liquid Highlighter

Winter brides, Winter brides makeup tips, Winter brides skin care
A liquid highlighter is a must to achieve a natural finish, but don’t go overboard with it. After you have applied blush to the apples of your cheeks, apply a moisturising highlighter all over your face for a natural shine.

4. For Kiss-Ready Lips

Winter brides, Winter brides makeup tips, Winter brides skin care
One of the biggest nightmares that a winter bride faces is dry and chapped lips. So to keep your lips moisturised, make sure you use lipstick that contains beeswax. Also, before wearing your lipstick, apply a lip primer as it evens out lips and gives a smoother finish.
Ladies, do follow the above-mentioned tips and winter sure will feel like the best time to get married in. And don’t forget to share this with all to-be winter brides you know!  
About the author: Pooja Sethi is an expert makeup artist and hairstylist specialising in bridal and party looks. Her concept salon, Amber by Pooja Sethi is located in Gurgaon. You can contact her at

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