The bridal Solah Shringar is a tradition that has been followed for years. Sixteen elements that form her bridal bijouterie. Jewellery, attire, makeup are all part of this ritual and when it comes to jewellery, Payals and anklets are one of the most ignored pieces. If you’re a traditional soul or even just a lover of these pairs of ankle accessory, you’d love to find brides who share similar tastes. So, we’ve got pretty feet adorned with payals of some real Indian brides, so you can get inspired too.

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1. Modern Shoes with ultra-traditional broad gold anklets, this contemporary bride surely knows how to mix the two worlds together.

traditional payal

Image Source. Erich Mcvey

2. Gold zipper pattern payal with beads to perfectly match her bright Haldi ceremony. Couldn’t miss this shot for the simplicity.

gold payal

Image Source: Shades Photography

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3. Classic silver payals from your Grandma’s closet, true blessings from her.

silver payals

4. Paisleys in her payal, she’s ready to show off her multifarious personality.

payal designs

Image Source: Sa Kamath Photography

5. This bride’s intricate mehendi and lehenga stand out beautifully, all thanks to the shiny kundan payals.

Bridal Payals

Image Source: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

6. Golden circles, and tiny pearls sit gracefully on this bride’s henna feet.

Bridal Payals

Image Source: Camera Crew on Instagram

7. Larger than life silver ghungroos adorn this bride’s dainty feet. What a delightful picture this is.

Bridal Payals

Image Source: The Wedding Story on Instagram

8. Antique jewellery also have their own kind of charm. Wearing a payal with intricate designs and colored stones that stand out.

Bridal Payals

9. A foot chain with tiny kundan stones, surely a gorgeous style.

kundan payal

Image Source: Shishir Gaurav Photography on Instagram

10. Radiating golden light everywhere in these payals. The bride surely matched her other jewellery with this ideal pair.

Bridal Payal designs

Image Source: Sutra Snapperz on Instagram

11. Payal, Bichiya and Henna and the glimpse of her lehenga, the bride’s traditional seems complete.

Bridal Payals

Image Source: Animage Productions on Instagram

12. A festoon of golden chains for this bride. Matching with her deep crimson and her golden stilettos.

Bridal Payals

Image Source: Morvi Images on Instagram  

13. Pure Gold love in this form. The meticulously designed payals wrap around the bride’s feet to lend her all the charm for the day.

Bridal Payals

Image Source: Morvi Images on Instagram

14. A ritualistic anklet around this bride’s feet. Combination of silver, ivory and lots of customs.

Bridal Payals

Image Source: Morvi Images on Instagram

15. Delicate designed payal for the bride who adores minimalistic jewellery for her wedding. The zircon stones give it that sparkle.

bridal Payals

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography on Instagram

16. Broad silver anklets with designs that are so lovely. The bride makes sure to give us a peek.

bridal Payals

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography on Instagram

17. Heirloom jewellery that look like transport us to the time when women used jewellery to reveal their cultural heritage. Can’t stop looking at the silver jewellery, isn’t it?

bridal Payals

Image Source: Art Capture Productions on Instagram

18. Kundan payals to blend well with her polki and kundan set. The bride made sure to pay attention to the tiny details.

bridal Payals

19. Gold chains with scattered kundan drops for the bride who believes in wearing jewellery that delights her.

bridal Payals

Image Source: CoolBluez Photography on Instagram

20. How contrasting, yet so lovely. This pair of generous silver payals stand out for the tonal differences. What a pleasing choice.

bridal Payals

Image Source: Instaura By Neha Raj on Instagram

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