A wedding is a sacred affair that unites two souls in an eternal bond. The sanctity of this event increases manifold when it is done in the presence of the Almighty. That’s the reason why it feels so serene whenever one attends a wedding that takes place at the couple’s place of worship. Well, we came across some stunning shots of one such kind of wedding- the Gurudwara weddings. Just like any other wedding picture, these two had a plethora of emotions and colors hidden behind them. But along with that, they also had an unperturbed aura that took us to a different world altogether. Check them out and you will know what we are talking about!

Check out Beautiful Gurudwara Wedding Pictures:

1. These couples steal a cuddly moment amid the hustle-bustle of ceremonies. And, their photographers made sure to lock this love-filled moment behind the lens!

Gurudwara Wedding Pictures

Image Courtesy: Amarjot Chana Photography

Sikh Couple, Anand Karaj, Couple Shot

Image Courtesy: Karan Sidhu Photography

2. The stage is set for the beautiful new beginnings.

Gurudwara Wedding Pictures

Image Courtesy: Deo Studios

Gurudwara Wedding Pictures

Image Courtesy: Kular Brothers

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. With a royal couple walking in forefront of a royal backdrop, a dreamlike setup is created! A perfect setting any couple can ask for their big day, isn’t it?

Gurudwara Wedding Pictures

Image Courtesy: Deo Studios

4. They’ve just made a promise to each other that no matter what, they will walk hand in hand forever.

Sikh Weddings

Image Courtesy: Dreamfinity Studios

5. The coy bride hiding behind the veil is adding all the more serenity to the holy environment of this Gurudwara wedding.

Sikh WeddingsGurudwara Weddings

Image Courtesy: Studio Narinder Photography

6. This is the most vibrant wedding Gurudwara ceremony we have seen lately! Isn’t it looking like one bright canvas?

Sikh Weddings

Image Source: One Fine Day Pictures

7. A peek-a-boo moment captured with perfection at a tranquil Gurudwara wedding.

Gurudwara Weddings

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

8. We are in love with the pretty pastel colours that the beautiful television actress Hunar Hale chose for her wedding.

Gurudwara Wedding Pictures

Image Courtesy: Israni Photography

9. And they take the vows of love amid the blessings of the almighty!

Sikh Couple

Image Courtesy: Fine Pixel Studio

10. With some promises being made here, an exciting start of a new voyage has been written!

Sikh Couple, Anand Karaj

Image Courtesy: Banga Studios

11. In Sikh wedding ceremonies, the couple takes four rounds of Guru Granth Sahib. This ritual is called laava phere during which four hymns from the holy book are read and the bride and the groom finally become the man and wife!

Gurudwara Wedding Pictures

Image Courtesy: Dreamfinity Studios

12. Look at those gleeful bridesmaids in their beautifully coordinated outfits! Wouldn’t you want your girl gang to do something as cool as that at your wedding too?

Sikh Weddings, Bridesmaids

Image Courtesy: Sikhweddings

13. “I got your back”- this is what the groom is saying through his eyes as the love of his life moves forward to seek God’s blessings.

Gurudwara Weddings

Image Courtesy: GlimmerFilms

14. We bet you didn’t notice that gorgeous string of roses resting on the groom’s shoulder at the first go! Isn’t it an uber-cool part of a groom’s ensemble?

Gurudwara Wedding Pictures

Image Courtesy: Deo Studios

15. Some love-filled moments like these when no one’s watching make the most exciting part of a wedding album, don’t they?    

Sikh Weddings, Gurudwara Weddings, Sikh Couple, Anand Karaj

Image Courtesy: Picture Art Company

Didn’t we tell you already that these Gurudwara wedding pictures will leave you with an ecstatic feeling that you’d not have experienced before? Now we are pretty sure that all these pictures have got you highly excited about the wedding of all your Sikh friends. So, don’t forget to share this with them!

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