From pre-wedding to maternity, we see numerous photoshoots almost every day that capture the life-turning events of one’s life. But rarely do we get to see the real “happily ever after” stories of the couples who are happily married for long. So we at ShaadiWish, decided to capture raw and unadulterated moments with one such couple that has spent a lifetime together. And we went to Instagram and found the cutest grandparents ever, through two dozen beautiful entries and tried to frame the magical life that they have lived, in just seven frames. Every frame a promise, a little tribute to treasured memories of life absolutely cherished.
Meet our lovely couple, Arun & Shachi- a match that was arranged by destiny in Jaipur! What we love about the shoot is the honest charm of it all. This is no destination wedding, no Bollywood designer bride or a suave farmhouse in Italy! But as you scroll through these humble images of a home, you will feel a contagious happy mush that only true love can bring.
Come and experience the love that is innocent, timeless and classic!

1. It all began with this beautiful moment!

National Grandparents Day, Couple Photo Shoot

2. Sometimes, something even as simple as this makes you understand the power of love.

National Grandparents Day, Couple Photo Shoot

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3. This is still the most memorable getaway of their life.

National Grandparents Day, Couple Photo Shoot

4. They were no less fun when it came to planning dates!

National Grandparents Day, Couple Photo Shoot

5. And you always thought that only your generation is adventurous enough!

National Grandparents Day, The Promise

6. We must say they’ve set really high standards for the fun-loving couples.

National Grandparents Day, Couple Photo Shoot

7. And they’ve been dancing to the tunes of love since forever!

National Grandparents Day, Couple Photo Shoot,The Promise
We love the way she drapes that Ekaya Banaras saree and the magic touch of OurWeddingChapter especially in the shot where these two adorably cute veterans are jumping on the bed like two teenagers in love. The first dance in a club in Colombo, the first movie in Regal, the unbroken morning tea ritual of 3 decades… Ah the ecstasy to have these moments carved in time, framed with love; a gentle inspiration for your grandchildren. That’s the true legacy of love and celebration of marriage.
Well, didn’t that photoshoot make you feel your parents or grandparents too were a part of something like that? If yes, then what’s stopping you from doing so? Just fill in the form below and we will help you gift your loved ones memory of a lifetime!

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  1. Avatar
    Brijendra Sharma

    Lovely& beautiful..
    A most adorable couple. Wishing them the best always. Proud to be a part of the family.

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