You just got hitched and now the questions start pouring in, first and foremost,  “Where is the wedding?”. Okay, we know you are working it out but we just want to step in here and say, plan a destination wedding, Please. It’s so much more exciting not just for you, but for the wedding attendees too. Still not convinced? We’ve got ten good reasons for you to think otherwise!

1. It’s a legitimate reason to take some time off and getaway. No one can make you feel guilty for taking time off from your own destination wedding.

Yes really, what choice do you have? Plan a laidback wedding and you can make a holiday out of it.
destination wedding

2. With picture-perfect views all around you, you won’t have to wait for the wedding photographer to capture those little moments for you.

With Goa’s palm trees and blue waters or Jaipur’s historic palaces, you barely need decor at all. The sun setting behind you as you walk into your new life together. Makes a pretty picture, doesn’t it?

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3. It’s a perfect time to check something off your bucket list.

Whether it’s underwater diving In Andaman islands or a hot air balloon ride in the pink city over the palaces and forts, you get a chance to try out that activity and check it off your list while getting married!
destination wedding

4. You’ll always have that special place to return to with your special someone – to rekindle the romance when it needs that extra spark!  

Whether it is Paris or Phuket, it will always hold a special place in your heart and it will be a story that you will tell for many years to come.

5. You will have the opportunity to spend quality playtime with friends and family.

You have left your work and traffic far behind and all you have to do is relax, dress up and get ready to party all day, all night.
destination wedding

6. You’ll get to be pampered with spa treatments, lavish breakfasts and sometimes free champagne!

Plus there’s no harm in exchanging your bed for a king size one for a few days. Is it?

7. You can break free from the old school customs and traditions and can add new customs from the destination you are in.

You can walk in the sand in your toes as you say ‘I do’, go casual or skip a long ritual. With the destination wedding, it’s totally your call.

8. You end up losing tons of kilos and get in shape to don the perfect beach look and don’t mind showing off the perfect body.

It’s also a holiday, right?

9. There is less drama! As much as you love some distant relatives, you can’t have all of them as it can get overwhelming sometimes.

You should start your new life stress-free and uncomplicated. It’s your big day and you just don’t want to mess things up.

10. You could get a free honeymoon!

Many places offer vouchers for a honeymoon suite or a free holiday later in the year. Be sure to ask for any special offers and get into vacay mood.

Feature Image: Ramit Batra 

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