There is a wedding coming up and you’ve been invited very graciously by the couple, the first question that pops up, “What do I wear?” The second “What present should I take for them?”. Even when it’s your closest friend, it gets difficult to select a present, since it’s a significant day and it needs to also be something both of them would enjoy. So, we’re making life a bit simple for you. If you are budget is around Rs 11,000, these presents will not only be super exciting to give, you can be rest assured that it’ll be accepted with a lot of love!

1. A Grand Chocolate Gift Hamper From Choko la

What’s a better way than to say it with some chocolate goodness. This gorgeous leather box comes with some brilliantly assorted chocolates to tease the taste buds according to the mood! Also, it’ll be a good break from all the mithais.

Price: Rs 10,000. Check it out here.

2. A Gift Voucher From Good Earth For Their New Home!

Their starting new, they’ll definitely need a few items for their home, but knowing the exact taste and preferences may be slightly difficult, why not give them a voucher that let’s them go and explore the goodies themselves?

Price: Rs 11,001. Check it out here.

3. A Pair Of Fancy Silver Plated Flute Glasses From Episode.

The only time you’ll want the couple to have such indulgences. For all their romantic dinners, for all the celebratory toasts, what’s better than silver plated flute glasses for the feels. This one seems just suitable!

Price: Rs 8,144. Check it out here.  

4. A Sumptuous Dinner For Two At  Le Cirque, The Leela

Regarded as one of the most romantic places in Delhi NCR, Le Cirque is a haven for French & Italian food. The desserts here are as beautiful as the place, and almost every dish here will etch an unforgettable memory in the couple’s hearts.

Price: Starts at Rs.5000. Check it out here.  

5. A Premium Moët & Chandon Champagne To Celebrate!   

A party isn’t complete without popping some bubbly. It’s definitely an apt contribution to the endless party spirit that everyone is under. The Rose is also very tasty for adding that extra dose of sweetness in the atmosphere.

Price: Rs 6,225. Check it out here.

6. A Set Of Two Fine Candles From Swarovski.

Add some sparkle into their home with these gorgeously designed candle holders. It’s perfect when they having a romantic candle-lit dinner at home. This will totally set the mood and be useful!

Price: Rs 9,595. Check it out here.

7. An Envelope With That Amount In Cash!

Need we say more. This can be amount they add towards their Honeymoon fund. One night when they’re in Tuscany drinking away wine, they’ll think about you and Thank you because this is always the best gift to give!

8. A Bright Bed Linen Set Created By A Famous Fashion Designer!

You know they’ll be spending a lot of time in their bedroom, gift them a soft and smooth bedsheet that comes along with cushion covers and pillow cases. This will turn out to be a very handy gift!

Price: Rs 8,500. Check it out here.

9. Portable Speakers That They Can Carry On Their Honeymoon!

You never know when the couple will be in a mood to dance, these compact speakers will be the perfect way to dance along, when they go out for picnics and holidays, they’ll always want to carry this.

Price: Rs 7,499. Check it out here.

10. A Couple Spa For Rejuvenation Right After The Wedding!

Who wouldn’t love a fine romantic spa right after the hectic wedding. It’s surely something the couple will look forward to and will thank you for the thoughtful gift. This gift almost never fails. But it’s best to know a little about whether they enjoy spas or not.

Price: Rs 10,000. Check it out here.

11. A Tibetan Thangka Painting For Good Wishes!

Beautiful and peaceful chants written in gold, for a frame for the wall in the living room is a wonderful gift to give the newly married couple. It passes on a lot of good wishes and positive energy which the couple will appreciate.

Price: Rs 9,980. Check it out here.

12. An Experience From XOXOday!

From cooking classes to plane rides and other adventurous and fun experiences, just log on to XOXOday and figure out what fits your budget and the couple’s idea of enjoyment.

Price: Starts at Rs 2,500. Check it out Here.  

13. A Personalized Coffee Table Book With All Your Sweet Memories!

What can be better than a large album with memories from earlier times put together to share with the couple, so they’ll never forget about you. You can add the pictures from the wedding too and give it to the couple a little later!

Price: Starts at Rs 1,499. Check it out here.

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