With his profound knowledge and passion for photography, Divishth Kakkar has enamoured us time and again. His oeuvre, wedding photography has become a fascinating world for most of us, Delhi Velvet as he likes to call it. This week’s focus is on a particularly outstanding picture that is an amalgamation of experience, vision and deep understanding of the subject, i.e. photography.
While we were in conversation with him about this extraordinary shot of loving couple, he shares the secrets behind what went into creating this masterpiece!

In his own words, “We were just almost wrapping up the shoot with Jaspreet and Sunny when this happened. Our purpose of being in the fields was to get some traditional Punjabi shots of the Jatt couple and in the middle of posing, the light did it’s trick and we got the perfect shot! ”
Vast open fields, the setting sun, a magical frame and an excited couple. Everything was in place and “execution” was the only precursor.
When we further talk about his compositions, he tells us that his main focus when it comes to couples, is their chemistry. The foremost thing that he focusses on is how one couple is different than the other and how he can understand each one of them differently by trying to step in their shoes. Depending on their desires for the perfect shot, whether it’s a romantic, fun, sensuous, picturesque or crazy one, Divishth plans the screenplay. Connecting with each couple is of paramount importance and that’s why every shot that he takes is a unique one.
You can find more of his work here and also book his esteemed services too.

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