Weddings are about following rituals and bond, not just between the couple but also their families. But these days in the rush of planning and arranging things people completely forget that wedding is also about having fun in the moment and savouring each and every moment unconditionally.
Justin and Prisca are one effervescent couple who do not scare away to show their crazy side to the people. Even at their wedding they were the most enthusiastic participants we witnessed.
The photographer, Amrit Vatsa, a candid wedding photographer, captured this Christian couple’s wedding so beautifully. Behind the scenes photographs just seize every emotion between the family and the romantic couple shoot at the beach ooze out legitimate euphoria. 
Have a look at their upbeat wedding photographs, be ready to jump in joy.

Justin, the ecstatic groom at his home.

Hey! You always need your best man by your side!

The three musketeers! Such a lovely composition.

One chirpy kid!

The simple and elegant wedding Church in Goa, that was minutes away from Justin’s House.

We must admit, how much we love the cheesy love quotes!

The most jubilant couple!

We love this expressive groom!

And then they went and lived happily ever after!

Dance, dance and dance again with your love. The Reception held at Bay 15, Goa.

Dance like no one’s watching! And we don’t even think he cares!

Look at the way she is looking at him! These beautiful moment captured at Candolim Beach.

Because we need some posed pictures in the bridal gown.

Photographs with real happy emotions always turn out the best!

Always smiling! We love this!

Justin and Prisca’s Shaadi List

Wedding Reception- Bay 15, Goa

After Wedding Photo shoot- Candolim Beach, Goa

Photographer- Amrit Vatsa for Shaadigraphers

Attention: Newlyweds!
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