Whether it’s an arranged marriage or you’ve already celebrated your fifth anniversary before he put a ring on it, you want your wedding night to be perfect in every sense. Your bed will literally transform into a bed of roses with shiny new satin sheets and if you’re checking into a hotel you’ll be greeted by swans made from towels surrounded by red rose petals in the form of a heart. And then you’ll probably spend the next five minutes dusting the petals off your bed.
But, don’t get fixated on the idea of your suhaag raat being perfect because honey it ain’t always like the movies and no amounts of scented candles, flowers or massage oils will change that.
And that’s OK.
Read this comforting factors before you start overthinking!

1. Tired. So Tired.

You’ve just had a week-long celebration. You have smiled until your cheeks hurt, you have danced in death defying heels, and worn jewelry that weighs almost as much as you. Go to sleep.

2. Sex Isn’t On Your Mind.

After all the planning you did to make sure that the wedding of your dreams didn’t turn into a nightmare, it’s hard to shut your brain down.

3. Sexpectations

You want it to be just right. Romantic yet dirty. New yet familiar. But when reality starts to unfold and unclothe, it might not be the same and then things will start going south. Well, let’s hope not literally.
suhaag raat

4. SSHHHH. Quiet Please.

It’s finally alone time. There are no aunties, uncles or screaming cousins and all you want to do is enjoy the silence. You can make loud passionate love in the morning.

5. Gossip Girl Version 2.0

Even if it’s your wedding, you’ll probably miss out on some of the fun. So you might want to call room service, order a burger and catch up on all the gossip.
Who did Radha hook up with?” “Did you see your mom’s dance moves?”

6. Gate Crashers

Friends will stagger into your room and will yell things like “Arrey yaar abhi toh party shuru hui hain.” By the time they leave, you’ll look less like a bride and more Gollum-ish from Lord of the Rings.

7. So Many Pins & Clips.

By the time you take off your heavy lehenga, pluck off those fake eyelashes, and hunt for the hairpins that have miraculously held your hair in place for five hours, your hubby will probably be asleep.

8. It Feels The Same.

What did you expect? Unless you can suddenly contort your body like a circus act, nothing changes.

9. It’s Our First Time.

If you’ve waited to “do it” on your wedding night, first times can be really awkward. But remember that it only gets better. And better.
suhaag raat

10. Some Bubbly Please, Hic!

You just got married! Of course you’re going to pop champagne, raid the mini bar and drink till your liver hurts. Sexy time is definitely off the table and if you did make love, you probably won’t remember.
But the truth is, it really doesn’t matter. What’s even more special than the wedding night is the next morning or shall we say the ‘first morning.’ Why? Because you’ll wake up next to the person you love.

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