Looking to do something different during your honeymoon? Don’t want to just travel to a place but actually live there? Here are our picks of the top honeymoon destinations with Airbnb all over Europe for every type of couple. From glamping to living in a yacht, take your pick from these handpicked, exclusive locations! You can thank us later.

Here is the list of Best Honeymoon Airbnb Locations In Europe:

1. With The View Of The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Literally, located at a stone’s throw away distance from the Eiffel Tower, this apartment is situated right at the banks of River Seine. Sleeping with this view and being so conveniently located at the heart of the city sounds very convenient. The host is very helpful and has given a lot more information on how to get around! Also, while in Paris do not forget to book a photoshoot for the once in a lifetime romantic pictures. We highly recommend Kiss In Paris.
Honeymoon Airbnb Locations
Honeymoon Airbnb Locations

You can book this property here at $195 per night.

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2. In This Modern Stay At Akureyri, Iceland.

When you are looking to getaway from the buzz of the city and stay at a location that overlooks the fjords, this is your spot. In winters, get a glimpse of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and enjoy the midnight sun in summers at this city in Northern Iceland. 8 minutes away from the main city where you can find places to enjoy the Icelandic folk dance “Vefurinn”. This modern space is for the modish couple who is looking to live in serenity.
Honeymoon Locations in EuropeHoneymoon Airbnb Locations

You can book this property here at $184 per night.

3.  At This Cosy Home In Milan, Italy

Situated five minutes from the Duomo (The gothic cathedral), this home in the ancient quarters, with a romantic terrace is for your evening conversations and wine, while soaking in the energy from all the chatters going on around the restaurants and shops nearby. Feel like a stroll to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” at the Santa Maria delle Grazie, just walk out and you’ll be there.
Honeymoon Airbnb LocationsHoneymoon Airbnb Locations in Italy

You can book this property here at $147 per night.

4. The Greek Style Cave House at Santorini, Greece

Located in the traditional village, Oia (ee-ah) this cave house carved into the cliff is the best way to have a greek vacation. The views from this caldera edge of the clear blue sky and waters, amidst the white houses will complete your quintessential Greece experience. The cafes are just five minutes away, but you’d still want to come back to villa for your personal view of the incomparable sunset.
Honeymoon Airbnb Locations in GreeceHoneymoon Locations in greece

You can book this property here at $85 per night.

5. A Luxurious Yacht At Saint Tropez, France

We’ve all dreamt of vacationing in the beautiful peninsular French Riviera for our honeymoon, haven’t we? Now, double that up with a fancy yacht holiday. This yacht is anchored around the main area that is known for its restaurants and happening nightlife. Life life king size in this comfortable space while getting the best of the sea and the land. The cobbled paths and the gorgeous views will just make it perfect. We highly recommend the Mojitos at the legendary Senequier, don’t be surprised if you spot a  Hollywood Celebrity there.
Honeymoon Airbnb Locations in FranceHoneymoon Locations by Airbnb

You can book this property here at $180 per night.  

6. See The Fairy Chimneys From The Rox Cappadocia, Turkey

Created in one of those very popular fairy chimneys, the famous rock like formations, this boutique place let’s you have the best of traditional and modernity at the same time. The rooms have a turkish feel and as soon as you step out into the terrace, you can see the sky full of colorful hot air balloons and the Goreme National Park in the distance. Has to be on our top list!
Honeymoon Airbnb Locations TurkeyHoneymoon Locations in Turkey

You can book this property here at $143 per night.  

7. The Quaint Home At Neu-Anspach, Germany

Wish to stay away from the city but still be accessible to it? Then, this charming house is ideal for you. Situated just thirty minutes from the city of Frankfurt, made of natural stones and wood – this tiny nest will let you feel the German essence in every bit of it. Go there to relax and enjoy your time together and step into the city if you feel like some lights and sounds.
Honeymoon Locations in Germanybest airbnb for honeymoon

You can book this property here at $91 per night.  

8. A Unique Houseboat In Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just ten minutes away from the Central Station, this full-fledged ship names “Somaya” is essential for your Amsterdam regime. Modern interiors, you’ll feel like you are docked in some five star hotel. Lay down on the sun deck or relax on the hammock and enjoy the views of the city. Use the free bikes that are on board to go to the restaurants and shops lined nearby.
best airbnb for honeymoonromantic airbnb for honeymoon

You can book this property here at $160 per night.  

9. A Modern House In Central Zürich, Switzerland

If you are that couple that likes to have a little party at home every night and doesn’t mind some company, this townhouse is perfect. The ultra-cool interiors and the neat and tidy decor makes it an idealistic and calm place. The central museum and other sightseeing place are close by so you don’t have to spend time travelling!
romantic airbnb for honeymoonromantic location for honeymoon

You can book this property here at $82 per night.  

10. A Wonderful Treehouse In Alessandria, Italy

One of the most sought after places on Airbnb, this suspended treehouse is for the couple who enjoys long walks, bike rides and cultural experiences. You can visit the close by XIXth century wine cellars for a taste or even drive down to Turin, Milan or Genoa for a day visit. The views of the cascading hills and the swimming pool close by is simply pleasant for the eyes and of course, very romantic.
romantic location for honeymoonromantic location for honeymoon

You can book this property here at $161 per night.  

11. Glamping Under The Starry Skies In Andalucia, Spain

Want to combine your live for luxury with camping, it’s possible! Glamping is the new trend and the Airstream glamping in Spain is the ideal choice. Situated close to Marbella & Málaga beaches in Southern Spain, you’ll find all the modern amenities in this location. The village close by has all the essentials of a Spanish town that why you need to #livethere.
location for honeymoon in Spainromantic location for honeymoon in Spain

You can book this property here at $143 per night.  

12.  Living The City Life In London, England

One of the top favorite cities in the world, you have to visit this city with your sweetheart to experience the London life. Situated two minutes from Victoria Station, The Buckingham Palace is right around this spot and so are many more pubs and restaurants. Walk to Piccadilly Circus, an area that is buzzing 24/7 for a midnight stroll. Live in this centrally located place that is exuding elements that represent the modern United Kingdom.
romantic location for honeymoon in Englandbest location for honeymoon

You can book this property here at $106 per night.  

13. In The Artist’s Deck In Barcelona, Spain

We want to soak in the beauty of Barcelona in it’s rawness, with gorgeous views of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, this location is just beyond perfect. Sip your evening coffee sitting at the terrace and stroll around the area for towards the old town in the day. Enjoy the beaches at Barcelona while coming back home to this beauty.
best location for honeymoon by airbnblocation for honeymoon in spain by airbnb

You can book this property here at $103 per night.  

14. A Romantic Country Cabin In Dolphinton, Scotland

Slip away from the humdrums of the city of Edinburgh to this quiet, lovely Scotland cabin. The wood work and the eye-pleasing views of greenery around makes this even more exciting for both of you. Sip wine while sitting at the patio and talk about things that matter, away from all the chaos. You can hop into Edinburgh anytime you want. It’s just thirty minutes away.
awesome location for honeymoon in spainlocation for honeymoon by airbnb

You can book this property here at $95 per night.  

All pictures are taken from the Airbnb locations. 
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