A bridal emergency kit is talked about a lot, you’ll find many checklists for that. But, what about the groom? From your socks getting wet to a button falling out, there can be a lot of misadventures that may take place in all that frenzy. So, we’ve prepared a list of a “mini-emergency kit” from every man who is going to bring his wife! Have you got yours sorted?

1. A Box Of Mints

You’ll be interacting with a bunch of people, some may come too close for comfort. All those ladoos won’t help either. Besides, you need to maintain fresh breath to make sure you’re hiding the traces of all the alcohol you have been sneakily drinking.

2. A Shaving Kit

Make sure to pack your favored shaving essentials as to avoid any last minute fumbles. You may have gone for your beauty treatment at the salon, but you never know what you may need for that last defining touch.

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3. A Protein Bar

A lot will be happening and you may land up skipping the meals. Besides, all the anxiety won’t help either. But you need the energy to last through the pheras and the reception night, so make sure to just have a little bite of the protein bar while no one is looking.

4. Cash To Pay As Tips

From the Dhol wala to the manager who lays the tables for you, they all expect a certain amount of tip. Keep some change handy because you don’t want to be stuck when someone does ask you for some. Your beautiful bride won’t be able to help either.

5. A Pair Of Extra Socks

You may land up stepping on water, or want to even repeat the socks from before (don’t do that!). Either way, throwing in an extra pair of black socks will do you no harm but may land up becoming a savior in a certain situation. Carry some shoe shine too!

6. Some Band-Aids

From annoying blisters that are caused by the shoes to fixing a slight cut you get because of the embroidery in your outfit, you never know when you need the band aids.

7. A Miniature Version Of Your Favorite Perfume

In the heavy Sherwani and that extra layer of clothing, you are bound to sweat throughout the event. But you don’t definitely want to smell bad, right? So, make sure to carry a mini bottle that can easily fit in the pocket. Those hugs will smell good!

8. A Miniature Of Your Preferred “Spirit”

Even though your friends will stock up on this, there will be times you may not have them around. So, it’s best to keep some in your “h – emergency kit”. After all, these spirits keeps your spirit high too!

9. A Small Comb

With all the big preparations going on, you may forget to include your comb in the box or even replace it in haste. Just add another comb in your backup kit to survive unruffled and unruly hair.

10. First-Aid Box!

Headaches, stomach pain, hangovers and any other unforeseen medical emergency can occur without any warning and you’ll want to be prepared to get rid of them in a snap.

11. A Handkerchief

..or a small pack of tissues, you wouldn’t want to walk around with a sweaty face, would you? You may also need to carry it for your bride to be, just incase she does get teary-eyed at the Bidaai.

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