The grand wedding is done with, the new life cycle has begun. You’re looking forward to make some wonderful memories with your husband and embracing a whole new version of togetherness. Here are a few things that definitely happen right after you get married, if you related to this make sure to share it with others!

Check out things that every girl who gets married will relate to:

1. Your social media is filled with fabulous pictures!

When you are having the time of your life, it’s reasonable to want to parade it. Posting pictures of every ceremony, your mehendi design, your jewellery and sweet little moments is now your full time job and you are loving it.

2. Aunties stop bothering you with that typical trivial question!

So when are you getting married? You have heard this a million times before you got married, isn’t that a 100% true? Finally your aunts won’t annoy you and bombard your mother and you with the pictures of random guys.

3. And then your family drops the bigger bomb “So when are you planning to have kids”?

Because pestering us about getting married wasn’t enough! When you finally begin to set in with ease and hope the questions will stop, they hit you hard with another expectation.


4. You dream about amorous and whimsical honey-moon!

What things should I pack? What will I wear? How will everything go? Will it be the as romantic as a Bollywood movie or will it go down in flames? And millions of other questions cloud your mind.

5. You are apprehensive about fitting into a new family.

Just like every new place you visit or new things you try out, everything comes with a little challenge.There is always a little anxiety associated with this, but deep down you know that you are going to do just fine.

6. Excitement of learning new traditions and customs!

As they say, in India, marriages are not just between two people but two families. You might mess things up and add too much sugar or pepper but that’s fine. There are so many diversified cultures and norms even in the families of same religion that you perhaps may not be able to learn in your entire lifetime.

7. Thoughts of living together with an unfamiliar person!

Adapting to new environment takes times and worrying about sharing a room with a totally different person is normal. And not just, adjusting with your partner but the new family as well, but hey, if Chandler and Monica can do it then so can you!

8. You start appreciating the little things your mom and dad used to do for you!

Remember the time when you used to take their efforts for granted? Well now you know how much those little things meant and you start missing your family even more. That morning masala chai and aloo ka parantha!

9. You get cold feet thinking about your future with him.

Well of course you have chosen him because he was the best but there is always a little anticipation about your future together in the beginning. Maybe you want something different for a family and he wants different things, but isn’t it the most admirable part to work towards a better future?

10. You start bugging your best friend every now and then!

About every little thing, you want to share so much and get advice too. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?
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