Summers are upon us and we are hoping that the dates for the wedding are not in the peak of the hot weather. Especially, if you are the bride. The fear of the makeup washing off, the hair becoming frizzy, selecting the appropriate colors to avoid caking up and so much more. We asked Makeup expert Prerna Khullar to help answer the most crucial questions for brides who are getting married in Summer!

1. How to prepare the skin in advance (according to different skin types) for the peak of summer?

Start off with the CTEM routine – That is Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliating and Moisturising. Use a Primer first to create a protective layer between the skin and the foundation. It also helps retain the makeup for the whole day.
For oily skin, a mattifying primer like De Skin by Urban Decay, will prevent the skin from becoming shiny and greasy throughout the day. For combination and oily t-zone skin type, neutral primers like MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance works the best. For women with dry skin, oil based primer like the Clinique Superprimer Face Primer will moisturize and hydrate the skin as it has an oily base.

Image Source: Morvi Images

2. How to ensure that the makeup stays intact even in this weather ?

If you have already prepped your skin with a primer you have completed an important step in achieving this. Apply the base foundation after this step as per your skin type and tone along with a similar compact.
The same thing applies here as well, for oily skin, an oil-control matte finish powder is perfect as it controls the excess oil secretion. For dry skin, cream based or translucent compact will do the job. For combination and T-zone type skin, an oil-free compact that contains enriching ingredients to hydrate drier areas along with giving a matte finish to oilier areas is the best choice.
Make sure to set the makeup with Setting spray as a veil of protection to keep the pigments and glitter intact increasing the longevity of the makeup without letting the shine fade.

3. What colors do you recommend in makeup for summers?

Neutral, Peaches and Pink – because less is always more. Soft pastels and muted hues are the best for a summer wedding. One should stay in harmony with the summer weather and as much as possible, avoid harsh contrasts. These colors will go with almost all the lehengas, so a bride doesn’t have to stress about whether these colors will match her outfit or not.
prerna khullar makeup

Image Source: Makeup by Prerna Khullar On Instagram

4. What are the Mascaras, Kajals and Eyeshadows that you would recommend that are Smudge proof/Sweat proof?

Kiko Milano’s less is better capsule collection is my top choice. The brand has introduced this collection to mark its 20th anniversary in partnership with the designers of SuperDuper Handmade Hats. As “No makeup makeup look” is in vogue, the eyeshadows from this collection provides you exactly this look and the elegant. nude shades blend perfectly with the summer look.
For Kajals and Mascaras, MAC’s Powerpoint Eye Pencil Engraved Cole and In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara are suitable. The long wearing liner will give the bride a matte finish. The waterproof Mascara by MAC is non-smudging, non-flaking, provides volume and enhances the length giving an  appearance of large faux eyelashes.

5. How to incorporate shimmery metallic eyeshadows in the look since it’s a day event and not evening?

Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow by Urban Decay is every bride’s saviour. The eyeshadow collection comes in various colors makes the ideal shimmer metallic look for summer achievable. The lightweight cream glitter Eyeshadow feels cool and wears comfortably. It also contains iridescent sparkle and lush 3-D metallics for a gorgeous, diamond-like effect perfect for a princess bride look. The eyeshadow blends easily after 30 seconds of application and won’t budge or crease throughout the day. Apply Urban Decay’s Metal Glitter Eye Gel if you want to take a step ahead.

Image Source: Safarnama Films

6. Is it possible to get makeup that can go with two outfits? What colors do you suggest?

Yes Totally! It depends on the outfit. Mostly, if it has a hint of gold in both, the eyeshadow can be the same and only the lipstick can be changed. Generally light pinks go with everything. Make sure to keep that lipstick for a touchup and switch outfits!

7. What are the most picked lipsticks and eye makeup trends this summer?

Liquid Matte Lipstick collection by Huda Beauty, Kiko Milan and Super Duper’s Less is More collection of makeup products are the most happening products this season. Kylie’s Kyshadow Kit especially the light burgundy shade and Anastasia Beverly Hills Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick shades are equally amazing. For the eye makeup trends – earthy tones, Metallic eyeshadow with matte finish are in. As previously mentioned soft and cool shades like Kiko Milano’s latest collection is perfect for a summer wedding.
prerna khullar makeup

Image Source: Makeup by Prerna Khullar On Instagram

8. What is the best shade of bronzer to use in the afternoons, so skin doesn’t look to harsh?

Laura Mercier Matte and Baked Radiance Bronzers is the answer. Try to avoid anything that has a lot of brown color instead go for something with a little more white, or beige. The trick is to ensure that the bronzer blends well with the skin tone, just a notch darker.

9. What all do I need to carry for touch up since the wedding will go on the whole day!

Compact is a must. Even if you forget other things, you shouldn’t leave without a good compact handy. Blotting paper by MAC also wipes off that extra shine that a person gets under the heat, when it isn’t possible to apply compact every single time. Of course, the lipstick that she is wearing. Whatever said and done, after eating all those mithais and food, you will need it again.  

Image Source: Wedding Twinkles 

Prerna Khullar is a Makeup Artist based in Chandigarh, she believes that every face deserves a unique makeup and she doesn’t hold back when it comes to improvising this art to become something that the bride is comfortable carrying off. You can find out more about here here.

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