India’s obsession with “fair skin” cannot be ignored. From the matrimonial advertisements to daily fairness creams, this ingrained orthodox ideology is literally paraded under our nose, all thanks to the conformist society. The discrimination happens very subtly but it sure does.
In the ancient times before the Britishers set up their colonies in India, dark skin was considered to be beautiful and even desirable. Of course, given the fact that half the country are Dravidians who are intrinsically on the darker side, this bias in the present time is just so paradoxical. Thankfully, some Samaritans are doing everything to make #unfairandlovely covetable.
Here are these #bossladies embracing their beautiful self without giving a s**t, truly glorious, we say!

This supermodel actress of Indian Origin, Helen Doreena is suring turning the heat on!

Image Source: Paul Sinadi on Twitter

Mirusha and Yanusha Yogarajah, the two powerful faces of the original campaign “Unfair and Lovely” sensationalised internet with their beauty and encouraged others to join hands.

Image Source: Sons&bros on Instagram

This beauty modeled for the fine art and jewellery magazine Adorn Magazine. Dark skin women are breaking barriers.

Image Source: Dark Indian Beauty on Instagram

And not only just the regulars even people in the fashion fraternity are all for inclusivity.

Image Source: Gaurang Shah on Instagram

This gorgeous Tamil actress who goes by the name Sabby Jey on instagra, has over 22.2.k followers on Instagram and has made her way to the Buzzfeed article “Brown girls you should follow”.

Image Source: Sabbyjeyxx on Instagram

These Sabyasachi’s “teen deviyan” are truly looking like goddesses from some other heavenly world.

Image Source: Sabyasachi on Instagram

We have seen all the stunning models from Ayush Kejriwal’s various collections, this one has a charm that captivates.

Image Source: Ayush Kejriwal on Instagram

Blogger, teacher and travel fanatic. She’s one girl to check out if you are looking for some positivity in this hate filled internet.

Image Source: Cacaopapow on Instagram

Pooja’s picture with her cousins (she’s the one in the middle) went viral last year when when she was featured in the campaign. She’s not only a daredevil but a fashionista also.

Image Source: Abi_thepooja on Instagram

Nandita Das has always been actively involved in social issues and Feminism. The gorgeous lady always stood her ground, even though critics had comments to make about her skin tone.

Image Source: Nandita Das

Kudos to Pax James for starting this campaign on Instagram!


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