The big fat Indian wedding comes with the big fat zealous celebrations, and when it comes to the dancing, no one can compete with the enthusiasm that we Indians display on the stage. The songs not only add more fun to the weddings but they also make the wedding album more exciting! These trending songs for the Sangeet cannot escape the playlist!

1. If you are planning to perform on a special number for your charming bride then this catchy song by Ed Sheeran is “THE” excellent choice. Show her how you felt when you first met her.

2. A perfect DJ number if you are just looking to enjoy the moment with your bridesmaid and want to shake a leg.

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3. Finally we get to hear the female version of this classic song and it’s been trending since it got released. How refreshing it would be to see a bride-to-be dancing on this song for her man?

4. This crazy remake of the Tamma Tamma song is for the millennium love birds. Groove to this song on a fun choreographed dance with your partner and end your engagement ceremony on an entertaining note.

5. The funky revival of the song humma humma is what you need to dance on right after your Jaimala on the mandap to make the moment more memorable.

6. The wedding may be over but why not plan a special piece for your wifey and surprise her with your performance?

7. The song might be a year old but it’s still as famous as it was when it came out. This one is for the bachelor party with the appropriate background music.

8. Even your non-Indian guests will dance to this upbeat punjabi folksy song. If you are not a good dancer then a lip sync to this looking at your girl will set the mood just right. Leambadgini

9. Pick this EDM track by Chainsmokers if you are looking for a song for the sangeet ceremony.  You are likely to get some points even from the bride’s side.

10. The couple dance is not complete if you both are not dancing to this peppy and enjoyable song by DJ Snake. You can prepare a romantic duet on this.

11. An entertaining song for your bachelorette party. Sway away all your anxiety with your girls dancing on to this song.

12. Preparing a face off for the sangeet ceremony? Then this is what’re you looking for. This dhamakedar song is enough to bring out that cut throat attitude. (Let’s Nacho!)

13. Start your dance performance with this cool upbeat track. You can dance around your mate and make the choreography more lively.

14. Add this jumpy rhythmic song to your mehendi ceremony playlist. Just go full power with the music with your girls and have fun.

15. Another exciting number for your sangeet ceremony. A playful choreography with role playing will sprinkle some masala in the occasion.

16. If you are getting cold feet then this mellow number with psychedelic music is just the right one to dance your worry away.

17. Well if you are the kind of a person who finds cheesy romantic songs monotonous then show your moves with your partner on this bouncy number.

18. If you don’t have the moves like jagger then this lyrical hip hop punjabi song is your go to option. Just choreograph this song with more hand movements and you will be just fine.

19. Tease your wife-to-be by rocking on this song. A performance filled with humour and laughter will add to the essence of a gala celebration.

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