We will always and forever be grateful to the power and love of our mothers. We’re a part of her, a part that has been with her longer than anyone else. On the big day when you are tying the knot with your beloved, it’s a bigger day for your mother. All her dreams, sacrifices she has made through the years to see you happy is finally taking shape. You’re happy and she’s happier.
On Mother’s day, we want to express our gratitude towards this one person army, the woman who taught us how to wear our first saree and the woman who taught us the meaning of love and gentleness, here are some moments that prove that there is no force greater than a mother’s love.

1. Twinning with the mother. Glad to have her charm.

Image Source: Colomono on Instagram

2. All the lessons, all the tips make me stronger in my difficult times. Thank you for sharing your smile with me.

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3. Tears of joy are rolling down your cheeks, and all I can think about is how am I going to live away from you?

Image Source: Romesh Dhamija Productions on Instagram

4. She is the one person who is celebrating from within.  

Image Source: The Wedding Story on Instagram

5. Mustn’t be ashamed to show love to thy mother amidst people? After all you have learned this from her itself.

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6. Giving you all the love and good wishes and confidence to carry on in life beautifully!

Image Source: The Wedding Story India on Instagram

7. We can just hope to be this cheerful and stunning when we reach this stage of our life.

Image Source: Bhumi and Simran on Instagram

8. I may be going someplace else to start my journey, but the deepest part of my heart will always be here.

Image Source: The Wedding Chronicle on Instagram

9. She admires us from far away, always looking out but internally feeling proud.  

Image Source: Fine Art Wedding Photographer on Instagram

10. We can blindly rely on you to make sure that we look our very best on the big day! Thank you ma.

Image Source: Morvi Images on Instagram

11. Around you I feel secure and loved.

Image Source: Stories by Jose Phradhik on Instagram

12. Laughing with you is the best medicine ever to shun away every pain.

Image Source: Badal Raja Company on Instagram

13. No matter how old you get, I am not going to stop these cute pecks on your cheeks.

Image Source: Fotowalle on Instagram

Featured Image: Cupcakes Productions 13 On Instagram

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