Applause to you for creating history. For making, “To have and to hold” even more special. For letting us have that Awww moment. For warming our hearts with fuzzy feelings and making us smile. We do want to see how you made it so far in hope that someday we have what you do.
Thank you for showing us that true love can last forever.
Here are a few lessons to make your own love story the one that doesn’t get defined by wrinkles or by the number of years.

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1. This “Golden Couple” of Bollywood changed “Tall guy + Short girl = Really Awkward” to “Tall guy + Short girl = Really cute”.

Image Source: Kolkata24x7

2. “I promise to never let go of you!” Quite literally. (Even when you turn 78 and can’t walk fast, and I need to keep dragging you ahead, so we make it on time!)

Image Source: Myria Christou on Instagram

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3. Keep dancing to the music, no matter how hard it gets!

Image Source: Sigrid Spinnox

4. True love stories never have endings.

Image Source: Reddit

5. Knowing their weakness and still finding a way to make it work!

Image Source: Bored Panda

6. Kiss her every single day before you go!

Image Source: The Trent Online

7. “Play games” that you used to as children, keep it simple.

Image Source: Mashable

8. Couple who laugh together, stay together. *Always*

Image Source: Whykol

9. Real couples turn little conversations into big moments.

Image Source: New York Magazine

10. Is he a real life Romeo? Yes he certainly is.

Image Source: The Awesome Daily

11. Life may be tough, but you need to have each other’s back. (While they’re trying to learn new things)

Image Source: Well Path Partners

12. Because Valentine’s day is not just for young couples. Celebrate love, every single day.

Image Source: Michigan Live

13. Spontaneous Rishi Kapoor and calm Neetu singh prove opposites do attract.

Image Source: Desimartini

14. With the age difference of 22 they have ascertained that “Love knows no boundaries”.

Image Source: Zoom TV

15. You jump, I jump! (On our beds, like we used to when we were young!)

Image Source: People Magazine

“If you want to know about love, ask someone with a lifetime of experience.”
ShaadiWish is looking for a couple who has spent their lifetime together. A couple in their 60’s who are still in love.
We want to share their story with the world in form of an original photo shoot. If you know someone who has given you a reason to believe in this form of love, send us their names and pictures at  

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