Isn’t it the most exciting thing in the world when your home becomes the shaadiwala ghar! Friends and family from all over start pouring in to join you in your moment of joy and soon the craziness dawns upon. If you have been to one, you definitely know what goes on inside the walls of that house(shaadiwala ghar). So while we reminisce sitting here at Shaadiwish, we know you’ll relate to all these things too!

Checkout Things That Happen In Every Shaadiwala Ghar:

1. There will be lights and kilotonnes of marigolds! Just a string of these “gende ka phool” signifies that you have arrived at the venue.

Be it the marigold bicycle decor piece or the marigold balls hanging all over the house, the whole house is ornamented in these bright flowers. They simply bring out the festive look and set the mood in no time.

2. A dholki and a chammach and all the ladies of the house bringing out their singing talent, while you sit and beat the spoons to the tunes.

This is the only chance for the ladies to really let their hair down before the stress of the wedding. And all the cousins and friends are made to do the ‘twist the bulb and pet the dog along with the jugal bandhis ’!!

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. All those eligible bachelors you can’t wait to meet. This is the time of the year to shed all those inhibitions and make a move to score your ‘plus one’.

So mix, mingle, move around, smile and start a conversation and you will definitely not get bored at the wedding. Of course, with the chachis and mammis doing matchmaking, you will not be spared.

4. Band.Bajaa.Bling!!

The ladies of the house go crazy with their ramp worthy outfits. The jewellery, the makeup and the shoes, all have that extra touch of sparkle. You’ll also notice their quick transitions from poojas, havan to the cocktail night outfit and be totally surprised.

5. The competition worthy dance performance rehearsals.

You shake a leg or you break a leg but you just can’t ignore the dance rehearsals that go all day long and night. And irrespective of which singh you are a fan of – the Sangeet is a favourite function. It’s about prepping to be the best on stage, always.

6. The obsession with Taash.

The second someone brings a deck of cards out, there is only sleepless nights after that. The pakodas, chai and namkeen don’t end and the cards session, well they become a bit intense.

7. The ‘NRI’ aunty and her swag – because the wedding is incomplete without her blessings and all international shopping she has done for the bride.

She is the most chilled out lady in the house and with her sense of humor, she’s a crowd puller too.

8. Peda, Mithais, Gur and Ladoos – you get them all under one roof, doused in rich ghee.

And along with that shagun ka lifafa, you don’t mind that at all!

9. You just mention the word “vidaai” and everyone in the house becomes teary eyed.

There’s a lot of rona-dhona that goes on, and it’s like one moment everyone is smiling and dancing, the other moment someone says anything emotional, you see a breakdown.

10. The drunk mausaji who had one too many pegs of whiskey and is looking for someone to share his life story with.  

“Beta mere zamane mein ye sab…” We are getting the drift – Mausaji!

11. Pujas and rasams happening throughout the day – because every relative has a new ritual to suggest.

“Wait! Let me call my family pundit and ask him. He is the best. Meri rinky ki shaadi bhi kari thi and she is happily settled now.”

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