#SHAADIWISHORIGINALS – The ultimate Old Delhi walk through campaign.

A world where beauty can be felt in the humdrum and non harmonious vocals.
The familiar sounds of daily conversations.
The charm of yesteryears, still resonating with glamour.
The heritage that belonged to an unforgettable era, which now stands as a backdrop for mass allegory.

A land that was trod upon by groups of twittering girls and shop owners who were waiting to find their own riches by trying their luck in business.

Laced with illustrious food corners and a crowd thronging around it.

The chandni in the Chandni Chowk, The old in Old Delhi, Shah Jahan’s Shahjahanabad.

Hand made, carefully created by Shah Jahan as his home city, along with his favourite daughter, Jahanara Begum, this 1639 haven hasn’t left its magnetic influence on anyone who understands Delhi.

The main street was stacked with shops that Jahanara had chosen herself, all 1500 of them. Having given so much thought, she did leave some of that glitter in the air, even till date, we feel. The chamkele latkans to the delightful mithais and chaats, the decorated rickshaws & the thousands of sign boards in the narrow gullys.

What has now been camouflaged also reminds us of what used to be, not in ruins but only more enriched. Designed with utmost precision and love. The everlasting magic is here to stay awhile.

A Pandora’s box for wedding shoppers – from kinari bazaar to Lehenga arenas, the jazzy jewellery to interesting invitations. The countless numbers leave us enamoured, every single time.

How could we resist it?
Sitting comfortable, adorned in the most ornate heirlooms while everybody watches on, without any hesitance.

Given this enticing history, we at Shaadiwish wished we could relive those moments and that’s when the idea was born.
The new age spunk combined with the original spark at Old Delhi to recreate photographs that remind us that the old world charm still exists. 

Being in the midst of all of this was just a calling, we wanted to celebrate womanhood in the new avatar and her evolution while being drenched in the spirits of ancient times. The glorious Jama Masjid standing tall behind, lends an incomparable aura. 

Our classic divas standing in the middle of this antipodal scene.

Some in their sneakers, the others in their aviators – devouring pani puris, dressed in their best outfits and trinkets. Twirling around and enjoying what the day had to offer.
Two worlds, separate entities, one mission.
The Renaissance Of Glistening Girls From Chandni Chowk.
The place where once even Queens weren’t allowed to roam alone, now the princesses waltz to the mystical chants of evening prayer like free spirits. 

Reawakening the romance within, the intuition of the arrival of the Prince charming, the questions, the imagination and the desires.

Absorbing the aroma of the concoction that makes old Delhi so special.
Running around streets to mark their entrance. Roaming amongst the commoners, these begums have finally found their voice.

Sisters together, winning one heart at a time, in the dazzling gharana where the kings once ruled.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” – Rumi
Discover. Unearth. Re-do.
Here is our journey into find the New Old Delhi.

Morvi Images: Photography, Megha & Jigar: Outfits, Pal D’zigns: Jewellery Sakshi Sagar: Makeup, Afreen Alvi, Shine Arora, Shreya, Harleen, Sushmita, Anjali: Models

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