Guest lists are hard work. Friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, people you don’t like but have to call for you are caught in a web of obligations.  And then the exes.
You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings plus you definitely don’t need any drama on your big day.  So if you’re on the fence about what you should do, here are things to consider before you make your final decision.

1. Is your fiancé completely comfortable with your ex?

“Are you sure you’re OK with having a man/woman that I’ve had an intimate relationship attend our nuptials?”

2. Is history an uncomfortable subject?

A lot of peeps don’t want to be reminded about their partner’s past, especially on his or her wedding day.

3. How bad was the break up?

Did you end up changing your number because your ex turned into a stalker overnight? If you’ve nodded yes, scratch that name off pronto!

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4. Are you rubbing your happiness in his or her face?  

You’ve moved on (hopefully) and your special day should be filled with happy positive vibes, not petty games.

5. Has your ex moved on?

Yay, you’ve both moved on! So let’s pop some champagne.

6. Is your ex a drama queen?

It won’t be fun if he or she gets sh*t faced and breaks into nostalgic tears. Or worse, throws up near the buffet.

7. Is your fiancé’s ex coming?

If your fiancés ex made the list then it might help make your decision easier.

8. Does your fiancé know that he or she exists?

Don’t make the mistake of inviting an ex that your fiancé hasn’t heard of. “Oh, hey honey, this is Rajesh. We almost got married once, many years ago but then we grew up apart, and I haven’t seen him since.  But wow, he looks good!” Nope, don’t do it.

9. Does your ex get along with your family?

Family comes first, and if they don’t like him, don’t send an invitation.

10. Have you seen your ex recently?

It will be hella awkward if you see each other at the wedding after all these years.
“You look nice with clothes on.”
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