“The story goes back 7 years and will feel like a cliche Bollywood act, but then again.
I am good with dates, so this is going to be accurate!
28th December 2009, I was attending my cousin brother’s wedding, I spotted this girl in an orange salwar suit with huge sunglasses! Now, when you find somebody pretty at a wedding, you’ve got to take your chance. So with all the courage I had in me, I went up to my mother to ask who she was. Let’s face it, moms know everything!
I figured that she was the bride’s cousin and we weren’t related in anyway and thus there was a ray of hope. I went forth and spoke to her and that’s how it all started!
Well, I ended up doing nothing else in that wedding but hit on Amisha. The most surprising part of all of this was, it looked like she was interested!
I took her for a drive, her cousins insisted on accompanying us. I asked for her number. and got her brother’s instead! A lot of antics followed, all in vain.
The wedding got over, she left without a goodbye.
I finally did get her number soon after, I wasn’t going to let her go! The texting began soon after, I met her in Delhi after four months on 2nd May 2010, and that’s when I asked her out and we started officially dating.
What followed was a lot of long distance and lot of plans to travel and meet. 
I lived in Jaipur at that time, and was busy with the opening of my store, Alter Ego while she was in Delhi finishing her graduation. Like every new couple, (maybe we over exceeded) we were on our cellphones the entire day. There was just so much to know!
After her graduation, she shifted to Bombay and so did I. At that time, I was shuttling between college and Jaipur while she was preparing for her CAT exam. In short, it was a good time.
From buying tickets in black at Gaiety, to treating Palladium like Central Park, from waking up to the Beatles to listening to EDM by night. From making the most random trips to every beach around Bombay  to taking rounds of the sea link. Bombay was very generous to us and to our new found love.
Then, she went away to NIFT, Bangalore and I thought long distance would be difficult, but it wasn’t. We made it work. I guess we had fallen for each other so hard that there was no way out.
I came back to Jaipur for work, and she shifted to Bombay. That was just plain hard luck. We were once again in a long distance. And if there is anything I knew, for sure, it was that I needed her and we had to get over this long distance!
2nd may 2015 – I decided to end it, I took her to our favourite place in Goa and asked her to marry me.
10th December 2016 – officially not in a long distance anymore!
I am still dating my wife, and I guess, I always will be.”
That was Rohan telling us how he found his best friend and wife, Amisha. What started at a wedding, recently resulted in a wedding too!
Their beautiful wedding ceremony took place in Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur on the 10th of December 2016. It was a fun event celebrated along with friends and family. The pictures are surely making us see how joyous and sublime the wedding was and the grandeur of the havelis in the background add to the charm of this festivity.
Amisha wore a banarasi lehenga that was designed by Vijayeeta Shah, Rohan’s sister and even Rohan’s outfits were designed by her.
Amisha’s jewellery was traditional heirloom, it holds a special place in her heart and these jewels have been worn by brides from different generations in both Rohan and her family. The Mathapatti and nath are both by designer Astha Jagwani. Her makeup was done by Arneeb Malik from Jaipur.

Presenting the Bride & the Groom on the Sangeet Night!

The decor at Hotel Diggi Palace was mesmerizing in hues of pinks and blues.

The mothers expressing their happiness by doing a little dance performance.

The bride twirls to the music along with her friends!

The place was lit up in thousand colors making it seem like a dream!

When Rohan & Amisha danced, the crowd was enthralled!

Rohan is quite the charmer, going down on his knees!

Friends & Family come together from all over the world to join them on this happy occasion.

You can’t miss out Rohan’s mehendi! The official hashtag for the wedding #Aamroh. 

The wedding day arrives and Rohan seeks blessings from the almighty!

We love the floral safa!

The Ghodi waits for the arrival of the Dulha!

Rohan’s mother is overjoyed!

Look at the dapper groom with this entourage!

The tiny details in the Jaimala!

Rohan’s sister grooves to the music in the Baraat!

Welcoming the Baraat.

The lovely decor complemented with the colors that the family is wearing is a delight for the eyes!

And the groom walks towards his bride!

Amisha looks elegant dressed in a Banarasi peachy lehenga designed by Vijayeeta Shah!

Rohan escorts Amisha to the stage.

The Jaimala is always fun.

Amisha’s friends find their moment for this picture!

Amisha’s little nephew is so adorable!

We love the subtle smile..!

Rohan cannot stop adoring her!

The heirloom jewellery captured  beautifully.

That gorgeous Mathapatti adds more grace to her elegant style.

We cannot get enough of these pictures!

Amisha’s sister plays the perfect Maid of Honor.

That Jhula and this composition is fascinating.

Then begin the Pheras..

The mandap, the agni and the bride’s reflections.

What a marvelous shot!

The Holy ceremony…

There is always something to smile about, this picture reminds us of vintage nostalgia. 

The moment that sanctifies everything that they dreamed about.

This photograph, we adore.

The Vidaai doesn’t have to be sad.

Moving towards a lifetime of happiness with her love.

Rohan’s sister welcomes the newly married couple.

And the last few rituals before their happily ever after!

The enchanting photographs are taken by Arjun Mahajan.

Amisha & Rohan’s Shaadi List

Bride & Groom’s Outfits: Vijayeeta Shah
Jewellery: Family Heirlooms, Nath & Mathapatti by Astha Jagwani.
Makeup by: Arneeb Malik (Makeup by Arneeb)
Venue: Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur
Photographer: Arjun Mahajan.
Attention: Newlyweds!
We at ShaadiWish believe that every love story is beautiful and unique. Do you want to share this crazy, magical feeling with the world? Would you like to inspire the rest of them with the your story and how it came to life? Let’s celebrate the art of love across cultures, borders and style together. If you would like your love story to be featured, please share your wedding day pictures and story with us at participation@shaadiwish.com.

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