In this edition, we’ve collected the most exquisite necklaces that have been worn by real brides at their wedding. The photographers have captured this beautiful essence very well and it truly reflects in these pictures. From Bollywood celebrities to Nepali brides, you’ll find enough inspiration to keep you scrolling down and busy while you’re saving the style that you absolutely adore for your own wedding jewellery!

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1. Bipasha Basu’s wedding pictures were a rage when she got married, we just cannot miss out on her gorgeous Kishan Das necklace.

Image Source: Kishan Das Jewellery on Instagram

2. The layers of gold chains makes her shine brighter.

Image Source: Dream Diaries

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3. Her demure personality matches the simple polki necklace.

Image Source: Lin & Jirsa Photography on Instagram

4. This bride’s intense looks has a lot to do with those large polkis encrusted in her necklace!

Image Source: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

5. The Temple jewellery to match the Meenakari elements in the earrings is an enticing combination!

Image Source: Dream Diaries on Instagram

6. This lovely bride’s gold necklace blends well with the baby pink and mint outfit!

Image Source: Cupcake Productions

7.The details in the necklace and the way it has been captured by the photographer is fascinating.

Image Source: Whatknot Wedding Photography on Instagram

8. The royal look on this bride is making us want the same serenity and poise.

Image Source: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

9.  Genelia looks like a goddess in her bridal avatar. The necklaces play its part too!

Image Source: Ronicka Kandhari

10. That solid disc of a necklace with tiny sprinkles of precious stones along with the long polki haar is stunning!

Image Source: The Wedding Conteurs on Instagram

11. The intricate designs in this choker necklace is giving us lovely ideas on how detailed the bridal jewellery can be!

Image Source: Syed Hussain Jamal Photography on Instagram

12. How can we forget the ravishing Asin on her wedding day!

Image Source: Asin on Instagram

13. Miss Style Fiesta’s bridal persona was one of its kind!

Image Source: Miss Style Fiesta on Instagram

14. The flaky, laser cut elements in the long necklace gives the Thai-Indian actress, Yol Pranvarin’s bridal look a pleasant twist!

Image Source: Pranvarin on Instagram

15. That solid gold necklace sits gracefully on the bride’s neck!

Image Source: Alif Studio on Instagram

16. Hazel Keech’s Satlada matches her high necklace so well, giving her that perfect bridal stance!

Image Source: Dream Diaries

17. The polki with the ivory pearls adds a luscious touch to the crimson bride!

Image Source: Colorblind Production on Instagram

18. We just can’t help falling in love with the double choker style necklace of this bride!

Image Source: Through The Barrel on Instagram

19. Urvashi from The Right Shade Of Red looked astral in the rope and princess necklaces!

Image Source: Fotowalle on Instagarm

20. This bride’s temple jewellery decorated with rubies and emeralds is customary!

Image Source: Minchu Studio on Instagram

21. Those polki stones arranged so graciously is making our heart beat faster – for the right reasons!

Image Source: Picture Art Company on Instagram

22. Those pear shaped dangling diamond polki is nothing less than a dream!

Image Source: Picture Art Company

23. Rounded princess necklace with golden pearls is ideal for the bride who is wearing a soft hue for the wedding!

Image Source: Colorblind Production on Instagram

24. The traditional choker necklace along with the long chain is embellished with rubies and is truly a showstopper!

Image Source: Ronicka Kandhari on Instagram

25. The bride’s glow reflecting back on that elaborate neckpiece is surreal!

Image Source: Ramsha Syed Ali  on Instagram

26. Matching her polki set with the floral jewellery was a clever way of adding glitz to the outfit!

Image Source: Shades Photography India on Instagram

27. The bride’s mango design necklace in bright gold is making our eyes gleam!

Image Source: Lakshya Manwani Photography

28. A princess neckline with dangling pearls for the bride who loves simplicity.

Image Source: Lakshya Manwani Photography

29. This Nepali bride’s gold necklace just reflects on her beauty and makes it even more gorgeous!

Image Source: Moments on Instagram

30. The beaded emeralds and rubies opera necklace is extra special!

Image Source: Karan Sidhu Photography on Instagram

31. This geometric take on a gold necklace is for the bride who loves to create that bold impression!

Image Source: Azwa

32. These polki diamonds are EVERYTHING!

Image Source:Gautam Khullar Photography on Instagram

33. Layers of perfectly aligned polki is ideal for this serene bride!

     Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography on Instagram

34. The opulent necklace has a pleasant floral pattern giving it that sweet look.

                             Image Source: Bhumi And Simran Photography on Instagram

35. That baroque style necklace expands like the ray of sun in all directions making her gleam!

Image Source: DotDusk Studios

36. Traditional diamond in gold with the emerald drop for the lady!

Image Source: Design Aqua

37. Those enormous emeralds hanging from the necklace is just WOW!

Image Source: Picture Art Company

38. Matching the Satlada with the bright gold necklace was a clever thing to do, Dear bride!

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography on Instagram

39. This picture is reminding us of Aishwarya from Jodha Akbar, isn’t it?

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography

40. The charming Kundan necklace with emeralds is on point!

Image Source: Dawn Michelle Downey Photography on Instagram

41. The large ruby disc in the centre is adding so much pizzazz to this bride!

Image Source: Salwa Photography on Instagram

42. The different layers of decorations in that necklace is extraordinary!

Image Source: Colorblind Production on Instagram

43. This bride’s gold jewellery game is on point, and that pose even better!  

Image Source: StudioKusal On Instagram

44.  Three layers of gorgeousness is what we see when we look at the bride!

Image Source: LightBucket Productions on Instagram

45. This bride’s elegance stands out along with the layers of necklaces!

Image Source: Lin and Jirsa Photography on Instagram

46. The simple choker style necklace adds to her gleeful personality!

Image Source: The Wedding Crasher Official on Instagram

47. This Bengali bride’s chain of circular patterned necklace is exceptional!

Image Source: The Wedding Crasher Official on Instagram

48. The blushing bride in her character adorned with this detailed necklace!

Image Source: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

49.  The Rajasthani style of necklace with blue precious stones is for the discerning bride!

Image Source: Zardosi On Instagram

50. The larger than life necklace layers is paparazzi material.

Image Source: Studio Elan on Instagram

51. That triangular pattern gold necklace sits gracefully on this bride!

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography on Instagram

52.  That Jaal like polki necklace adds to her radiant persona!

Image Source: Dream Diaries on Instagram

53. The Kanjeevaram against the large stones on her necklace goes well, don’t you think?

Image Source: EM Photography on Instagram

54. This choker fits well and makes the modern bride even more confident!

Image Source: Colorblind Production on Instagram

55. The green “Pote” necklace holds a special place in this Nepali bride’s heart!

Image Source: Brides Nepal on Instagram

56. Marrying pink with green, gold and ivory is the most refreshing thing we saw in the bridal world!

Image Source: Moments on Instagram

57. The way the princess necklace fits on her, we are sure she feels powerful!

Image Source: Sakshi Sagar Studio on Instagram

58. The diamonds bedeck this bride in unusual ways!

Image Source: Stories By Joseph Radhik on Instagram

59. The beads of gold along with the crescent shaped pendant has us all curious!

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography on Instagram

60. The big emerald stones look delightful against that deep red from the bridal outfit.

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography on Instagram

61. The multitude layers in the same necklace gives it that rare charm.

Image Source:Pooja Joseph Photography on Instagram

62. The close knitted details in the polki necklace adds brilliance to this photograph.

Image Source: Shades Photography India on Instagram

63. The bride’s coy pose and the striking layered necklace is breathtaking!

Image Source: Ronicka Kandhari on Instagram

64. The paisley motifs in the gold necklace is just marvellous.

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography on Instagram

65. This extra magnificent choker with the extensions reminds us of royalty!

Image Source: Dhanika Clicks on Instagram

66.  Kirat surely turned out in her most gleeful mood and the necklace doesn’t distract us at all!

Image Source: Bhumi & Simran Photography

67. The bride’s half moon gold necklace, the red silk saree and that smile – The best version of her!

Image Source : FotoPasal

68. The unique color combinations deserve an exclusive neckpiece too!

Image Source: Brides Of Sabyasachi on Instagram

69. The bride’s patola and ivory ensemble looks wonderful along with the neck piece to go with it!

Image Source: Twilight Photo and Cinema on Instagram

70. The way the rubies complement the diamonds and gold in this contemporary piece is amazing!

Image Source: Fine Art Production on Instagram

71. That enormous piece of necklace makes this bride look like a princess!

Image Source: Memories By Prakash And Raahul

72. Talk about “bedazzle”, she’s on point!

Image Source: Flawless By Zareen on Instagram

73. The emerald beads strings against the red lehenga gives the bride a resplendent look.

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked on Instagram

74. Diamonds Galore for this bride!

Image Source:Golden shutter Studio on Instagram

75. This bride sure knows all about glamour! That necklace is a statement piece.

Image Source: Ronicka Kandhari on Instagram

76. Diamond embellished necklace for this bride, so she can shine the light on everyone who is there to celebrate her big day!

Image Source: Dramaeinbaaz on Instagram   

77. The Temple jewellery at it’s finest on this stunning bride.

Image Source: Oragraphy on Instagram

78. What an excellent choice to match gold with gold!

Image Source: Orange The Salon on Instagram

79. Talk about conventional gold jewellery, and we find this!

Image Source: Mehar Photography on Instagram

80. The way the emerald beads match the red is simply gorgeous!

Image Source: Braja Mandala on Instagram

81. You cannot miss the side brooch like motif in the long necklace!

Image Source: A Small Shutter on Instagram

82. The labyrinthine style necklace is for the bride who’s got style!

Image Source: Lajeen Artistry on Instagram

83. The way the necklace goes in all directions, gives us some fresh inspiration.

Image Source: Ronicka Kandhari

84. Simple and sweet is this bride’s motto and that shows in the jewellery she chooses to wear!

Image Source: Preach Art on Instagram

85. The bride’s pink and white outfit marries that incandescent necklace well.

Image Source: Alif Studio on Instagram

86. That collar necklace had to be mentioned here. It’s just so quirky!

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography on Instagram

87. The strings of pearls create a mesh against the choker necklace and she’s a beauty to have chosen to wear this necklace!

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