Sakshi & Nishant are a couple who like to be adventurous together, their version of romance involves mixing their cheerful personalities with exciting activities, laughing and giggling all the way. They found love that way too!
So when it came to doing a pre-wedding shoot, a picturesque Greece street or a beautiful hotel wasn’t going to cut it for them. They really wanted to create something memorable not just in pictures but even make the whole experience fun.
They were clear about a few things. No travelling, no posing and instead doing something extraordinary and personal that actually defines them.
That’s when this crazy idea was born. Painting a wall in bright colors while getting messy together, surely something offbeat. There were two other themes too! The Pillow fights and a college date type cafe. The riot of colors that happened at their own terrace is in our favorite!
So here’s presenting Sakshi and Nishant’s mad moments from their Paint-A-Wall pre-wedding shoot!

Meet the couple – Sakshi & Nishant!

The way she smiled, he knew he wanted that permanently in his life!

Prepping up for the Haldi day?!

There’s always a notorious side behind every pretty face!

Oh! How she loved to be around him!

In the midst of the madness, they lived a little moment of love!  

Piggybacking never seemed that easy!

Sometimes she loves teasing him to see that expression on his face!

Because you know who’s the boss!

If I had a flower for every time you made me laugh, I’d have my own garden already!

Splashing feet in the ocean of colours!

Her ring is stealing our hearts!

Because they wanted to fall in love with just being alive!

The new beginning is going to be splurged in the colours of happiness!

Images Courtesy: Divishth Kakkar Photography

Attention: Newlyweds!
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