With Valentine’s day round the corner, couples are curled up and have conveniently blocked dinner date outs or even getaways. The florists are creating masterpieces out of roses that someone will purchase to show their love to their partner. Some of your friends will also get busy that night while your single self may feel kind of lost. Fret not, these cool ideas to spend the Valentine’s Day may actually work so well, that the couples might even steal one of these charming plans . As for you, well, you don’t really need someone else to enjoy this day. Go claim your day by indulging in whatever fits your mood!

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Forever!

That had to be first on our list. Watching this series has always been so refreshing, it’s surely going to get you lit. What better than putting on your favorite episodes and starting a Friends Marathon. Bring a large tub of caramel & cheese popcorn and some beers, get comfortable in the couch and see the hours pass by! Sounds like the perfect date idea for yourself, doesn’t it?

2. We’re Single & Loving It!

Why shouldn’t you? Throw a singles only party, after all, you aren’t the only single in town. Reach beyond your immediate group of other friends and acquaintances and throw a whale of a party. Nothing beats having a dozen singles in the house on V-Day, and if sparks do fly…you might end up winning a lottery…#KuchKuchHotaHai.

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3. Let’s Raise A Toast To Fitness!

Take this opportunity to love yourself truly. Getting fit is the biggest gift you can give yourself on the calendar day of love. Especially, if you love to sweat and staying fit is your mantra, the Hard Rock Café in Gurgaon has the perfect plan for you. On the 12th of feb, enjoy an hour long session of Zumba followed by a healthy breakfast. Block your dates, be there at 9am.

4. Try The Chef Thing!

Get your hands messy and try out a new exotic recipe. Cooking can be therapeutic and this is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and make something interesting. If it turns out well, you’ve got something you can prepare next time you have a date. Until then, let the foodie in you turn into a Chef. Tune in some good music and dive into some yum food, prepared by Yours truly!  

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5. Coffee, Music, Your Friends And A Long Drive!

Grab your favourite cup of Starbucks or hit the McDonald’s drive-through with your #girlsquad. Who needs a better half when you have your girl gang to back you up. Either way, roll down your windows and bang the highway. Don’t forget to hit your favourite playlist and set out on a long drive full of conversations, gossip and sing-a-longs!

6. Gate Crash A V-Day Party In Progress!

Given the number of ads and offers on the internet about Valentine’s day parties, there is bound to be something happening at every corner of the city. There are going to be more singles out there who may be looking out for someone like you. Dress up and step out confidently. Enjoy the free alcohol and food, if you may please. One such spot is the ABC Reloaded in South Delhi. Reach there between 2-6 pm on the 12th of Feb.

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7. A Mono Staycation!

A little birdie tells us that you love travelling. Though Valentine’s day is not a public holiday, we urge you to get away from all the gloss it brings along in the city. Pack your bags and go on an impromptu trip. A solo trip sounds like an ideal plan. Enjoy some you time away from work, cheesy couples and all the extra dose of chocolates and roses.

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8. Show Some Love To Thyself!

On this joyous occasion, gift yourself a plant or just go out shopping. if you are in the mood for some self-indulgence, pamper yourself with a nice spa day or just a pedicure. It is after all the day of love, celebrating the love for oneself seems like the right thing to do!

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9. Spend Time With The Fambam!

There is no law that says candlelight meals are meant for couples only. Take a loved one out for a picnic and share the love – whether it is your parents, grandparents or your extended khandaan. February 14, like any other day is a time to show appreciation and love to the people you care about. Bake a cake for your beloved family and see the smile on their faces.  

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10. Push Yourself & Do Something Scary!

Some adventure seems ideal on this day of love. The right kind of adrenaline rush, checking off some things from your bucket list and getting rid of your fears. All of this needs you to get out of your home and try something daring, adventurous. You could try Sky High for some crazy Skydiving experience at Aligarh. If not that then, go over to Neemrana Fort Palace for the Zip Line Activities.

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11. Do Something Kind!

It’s the season of love and sharing it with those who need it the most, is the most meaningful way of celebrating this day. The young children at an orphanage, oldtimers at a old age home, specially challenged men and women and animals at shelter homes. Go spend some quality time and make someone’s day better by bringing them to smile. Spread joy all around.

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12. Start A Valentine’s Santa Tradition!

We all look forward to receiving presents during Christmas from our Secret Santa, why not start a tradition of giving presents of love anonymously to all our friends and dear ones on Valentine’s day! This way you don’t just leave it to the couples to celebrate the day, it’ll also become a day that all your friends will look forward too, single or not!

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13. Find A Pooch To Celebrate With!

This is for all the animal lovers out there, you’ve got a pet you love very dearly. You call them cute names every time you see them. Why not cuddle with them and celebrate this day. Trust us, they’ll be the most amazing dates you’ll ever have. Get them special treats while you sip onto your potions. Play their favorite game and see the happiness unfold.

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